I’m fighting Lord

I don’t know what to feel

Emotions flow

My heart wrought with steel

I’m fighting Lord

The hurt is just too deep

And shallowness

The depths that I could weep

I’m fighting Lord

Every life is wrong

Filling with emptiness

And dissonant throng

I’m fighting Lord

Every moment more

Would only seem to push

Me out of heaven’s door

I’m fighting Lord

Assurance had I sought

And yet a doubt remains

Doubting what I thought

I’m fighting Lord

An air of love above

Without a greed

And selfishness of worth

I’m fighting Lord

My flesh would surely fail

Until I know you more

And on seas of sorrow sail

I’m fighting Lord

Trials to train the heart

With broken pieces

I question where to start

I’m fighting Lord

What else should I declare

That pain and burden hovers

Above this guilty air

I’m fighting Lord

And wondering where to go

Which path to take

Who else to follow

I’m fighting Lord

Knowing it is near

And yet everyday

The battle’s here

I’m fighting Lord

Ominous clouds hang low

And wondering if

This is everything I know

I’m fighting Lord

Wishing for perfection

Only to see me shatter

My very own reflection

I’m fighting Lord

This battle cry heard far

And walls will still be built

Struggling for that par

I’m fighting Lord

This praise of song be heard

That what I know I may never

Selfishly invert

I’m fighting Lord

The world does not stop

And no sun stands still

Upon my mountain top

I’m fighting Lord

So keep me fighting now

When I feel at a lost

Please tell me how

I’m fighting Lord

Keep my head low

But lift my eyes to see

The seeds you would have me sow

I’m fighting Lord

To not want to lift my crown

And make myself a queen

Bringing others down

I’m fighting Lord

To wash the feet of all

Those that make me cower

And those that make me fall

I’m fighting Lord

Fear that buries high

And taking flight instead

Into the depths of the sky

I’m fighting Lord

What else could I say

But help me Lord

Help me to pray

I’m fighting Lord

And now you’ve let me see

It’s only by your grace

That I hang on desperately



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