You know what I hide in my heart

A song that I hope to sing

But it so despises the Lord I claim to love

That my heart doesn’t ring

You know what I long to say

But my mind tells me fall away

And my soul deep inside fading off

Weariness, deadened as I scoff

I lift these sorrows lift these longings

My friends are crying their hearts out

Though I see not what is within

Inside I scream and I shout

I lift these prayers lift these voices

Wishing all to yield to thee

But my heart pulls and tugs away

Refusing ever to be free

I lift this moment lift this day

Where I’m seated in the sand

Wish it’d wash the memories

That I hardly understand

I lift these people love them so

And wish I’d love them more

But in my heart I’m crying out

The aching wound the sore

I lift myself a helpless creature

Dying day by day

Kill me Lord to all my sins

And take my breath away

The beauty of redeeming love

The greatness of a king

The wonder of grace so deep

And love so amazing

The mountains high the song again

On repeat the praise

And let me hear its joyous tune

All of my fleeting days

The prophets tell of your great love

The psalmists sings again

And when I fall please lift my eyes

To see beyond the pain

I cannot help but throw this red

Back at your shining face

And how could I this cruel thing

Ever deserve your grace

But grace and grace is undeserved

Unmerited in every name

But you oh Lord took away

My hideous sin and shame

Dry their tears and mend them whole

Their hearts and mine so broken

In this world where I grow cold

And feel my soul is fallen

The hurt and sorrow

The stream the flood

Heal this day

With your blood

What can I pray Lord

My heart aches

But soon enough

I know it wakes

And to another mournful day

Carried by routine

I long to pray when my heart rebels

Remind of your love’s ravine



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