Oh how my heart it cannot cry

When I asked God today

To fill me to love others

And walk down heaven’s way

He broke my heart and let me see

The loved ones that don’t know

All of this common grace

We would still reap what we sow

So tears I cried on a Monday morn

Remembering the torment of hell

Displayed for all the world to see

The day our saviour fell

That darkness, loneliness it makes me cry

For fear they won’t be saved

This much I want for them

To leave the hell-bound grave

I cannot bear to see them cry

And one day walk that way

Knowing that I had the chance

To change that all today

It’s still in His hand and His will

Ultimately His choice

But Lord let me have this peace

And give me grace to use my voice

Billions have fallen away

Each day more to go

Break my heart ever more

To love not just to know



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