The Living Dead

This life is mine I’m free to live

Live it as I please

Move aside and make me way

Give me happiness, pure bliss

This life is mine I am my own

First and forever

What I want I want now

I’m smart and I’m clever

This life is mine so shall I be

Let me have my way

If you don’t it doesn’t matter

You don’t have a say

This life is mine I am the king

Even if I’m not

I want this I want that

I should call the shot

This life is mine so bow down now

The world revolves around me

Serve my fancies delight my whims

You’re bound I am free

Bound to my own desires

Bound though you don’t belong to me

Bound to my inflation

Bound to what I claim to be

Bound to my duties and desk

Bound to my pride

And I try to bind people

Yet pushing them aside

Bound to my greatest desires

Bound to my greatest love

Bound to the fear of losing

My only form of worth

This is my life I am king

King of the world

Over every resource and blessing

Every boy and girl

Bound to the crowns I own

So many gleaming in gold

Bound to the weight they carry

Bound to the lies I told

This life is mine or so I thought

Then one day I died

In sin and utter irony

That I was satisfied

This life is mine I didn’t die

For from the day I was made

(Humbled to know a simple truth)

That I was already dead



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