Even If

What if tomorrow fails me

What if I fail tomorrow

What if I fall down later

And feel a deeper sorrow

What if I cannot change

What if I can’t let go

What if I stay behind

What if I don’t know

What if the rain starts falling

What if it brews a storm

What if I forget something

What if my heart is lukewarm

What if misfortune befalls

What if I feel great pain

What if I have to cry

For a loss once again

Even if I feel the tension

Even if I feel the strain

Even if I’m drenched and cold

Even if it spells disdain

Even if tomorrow is torture

Even if I know I fell

Even if I failed forever

Even if all is not well

God will never change

God will be the same

God has a plan

To glorify His name

God will melt the clouds

God will send the rain

God will seek and save

God will allow the pain

Let my what ifs disappear

Let my even ifs strong

Let me be able to surrender

Even if everything goes wrong





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