Lover of my Soul

I am no conqueror

What battles have I won

Wrought of sin and sorrow

Abandoned and forlorn

No darkness night would lift

No light would shine through me

If I but claimed that my eyes

Can truly open to see

This groping I call walking

Confident strides to me

This stumbling I call leaping

I’m blind but I think I see

I am the one to determine

Whatever shall be mine

And lead this life and walk this path

That I alone define

That man who lived so courageously

Captain of his own soul

That master of his fate

He believed he had control

I pull away from the strings

I shall not be a puppet

I carve my accolades

Meet expectations I alone set

Chains don’t hold me down

I am a free man in prison

I live to leave a legacy

I feed on rationalism and reason

Man evolved from monkeys

The stars came from nowhere

I look to the heavens

Oh how life is so unfair

And as I stumbled blindly

Across the glass strewn road

He came to seek and find me

Take me home to His abode

And as I wondered wildly

And fed my drunken dream

He came to hold and heal me

Let me drink from His stream

Though I am now found

I still desire control

Help me Lord relinquish all

For you’re the lover of my soul

In response to the poem Invictus




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