Think Again

My mind is aching to inch so close

And further still I go

My heart is racing to edge it on

It’s totally wrong I know


My yearning is stronger than my mind

My mind awash with chemical

Firing almost insistent

I give up being critical


I cannot help this feeling

I cannot stop this mind

I have no control to think

Along a straight and narrow line


My hands have a mind of their own

Just like how hunger calls

My feet take me where it wishes

They cause my endless falls


This craving feeds on itself

I can’t help this dependence

Fixated on this obsession

Whatever my reluctance


I am inclined to this and that

But trust me I can’t control

All these negative emotions

That erupt within my fold


Stop deceiving yourself people tell me

Enslaved to something beyond

Beauty and enjoyment

Something I found fond


Once it brought me pleasure

Brought a smile unto my face

But now it hurts so much

And I feel laid to waste


Trust me it’s beyond me

I have no leading reign

It takes me and lifts me higher

Although I cringe at the pain


You’re falling and you’re stumbling

I’m climbing these happy flights

You’re into the depths of destruction

I’m soaring these amazing heights


You’re dying fading away

I’m stronger than before

You’re gone hopeless and dead

I feel alive at the core


You’re finished and there’s no way

To end my addictive pain

Your heart is cold and hardened

I cannot think again


when addictions take over, the excuses we make for them, the advice we ignore





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