This post by John Piper captures in words what I have always felt when writing poems but never wrote in concrete prose. Having to find the right words to put in a poem since each word is so precious and every word should count and be infused with meaning. sometimes i deliberately choose words, sometimes they just flow. yet sometimes, i use words which i feel do not capture exactly what i want to say too. sometimes i fear people will not understand what i am trying to convey and feel what i have felt writing the poem. john piper also mentions how his world view of “sorrowful, yet always rejoicing” affects his poems. i think it applies to me as well. now i know why my poems seem to have some form of internal conflict, of joyous memories, yet a subtle hint of sorrow, and many times almost a plunge into despair, but ending mostly on a hopeful note. lastly, it is encouraging to know that perhaps my love for poetry and rhyming is really a gift from God. yet i hope that i can do more with it to glorify His name and not to misuse or neglect this sometimes seemingly insignificant interest.





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