What Life is this?

What life is this in leaps and bounds

And forthrightness replayed

I cannot help but leak a grin

As my life wastes away


What life is this that I should live

And let it long for more

A whisper in the deepest groan

Laughter till I’m sore


What life is this it crawls like planes

That shoot across the sky

And swims and waddles in the ocean

From my first myriad cry


What life is this describe my mind

Convoluted neatness I require

To build my life on things below

A crystal encrusted empire


What life is this I can’t uphold

When life itself shall end

And life I still live in this way

In control of all I can


What life is this I do not know

When I control so much

And yet it has been foreordained

Feelings and fantastical touch


What life is this when you lose your mind

And everything falls up

Make a sense of one or two

I try to fill my cup


What life is this that I live

In conversation of meaninglessness

And Ecclesiastes much it says

Nothing could be worse


What life is this the end is far

And I refuse to change

Listening on the squabbles

Of academia so very strange


What life is this should I understand

And frivolity as I speak

What path shall I walk down

What anthem shall I seek


What life is this that dawdles

And harps about the past

Present times are difficult

Imagine what would last


What life is this when life is long

And time flies by so slow

I yawn and yelp and recognise

I’m going with the flow


What life is this if I should live

Just like how this all sounds

So wrong so twisted so random

What life is a life that counts?


Today, someone asked me what is the point of life, and my special term course in school has also been discussing the inevitability of life and what it means to grasp meaning. Hence, a reflective and yet random poem on what life is about and how much i yearn for a life that counts despite all the things i do that do not count as described by the convolution and frivolity of the preceding stanzas.


Yours sincerely,


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