I think but therefore I am not.

I have been thinking about life, my existence on Earth and about my purpose in life. I can’t think out things into existence and I cannot ignore how I have taken many things for granted.
I don’t believe we can think human emotions to be a result of a series of impersonal events that happened billions of years ago. Talking about the deeper things in life just makes me realise that life is sacred and I am a result of God’s creation.
On another note, I have been reading about the uproar on pinkdot sg and its implications on society and the banning of certain children’s books that spread homosexual content.
Are we too extreme and too biased if we should consciously ignore our evolving society? What then is the purpose of education if it only results in Singaporeans showing concern for what only interests them or what is beneficial, but not what truly matters?
Have we become too caught up with ourselves and the darned social media that we forget we are but one of 6 billion people in the world? Why should our country revolve around us and not us the other way around?
I’m not saying everything should be accepted and nothing condemned but if we should see something really wrong with our society then censorship is the last thing we should be doing!
Many issues burden me and all I can say is that I am thankful God has given me the opportunities and time to reflect upon societal issues. I feel like my calling as an educator is just getting stronger as the days past.




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