Of the World

I’m trapped within the boundaries
of every broken bridge
I’m lost within the fog
at the edge of the ridge

I’m wedged between the metal bars
the poles that hold me in
my fingers between the narrow grail
grasping onto sin

I’m standing on this mountain top
the wind threatening to blow
over the cliff into the ravine
falling to the deaths below

weak and waiting wails I cry
but there is an ending line
where hearts are hard and cold
and where I am left behind

I stand within the clouds
inches from the sun
consumed by the raging waters
on water could I run

sulfur burn I reconcile
what can I understand
to know the metaphor is literal
I refuse to comprehend

fire and flames engulf my mind
imagination is what I had
till I discovered it was wrong
definitions that drove me mad

I long to see and savour
that one sweet lasting day
but now I’m caught in the vineyard
of this world’s tasteful play

I’m singing in the valley
riding on the wind
toying with the fire
gasping for the sin

overflowing is this wonderment
this control this contempt
it strengthens my brittleness
no men is exempt

I cry out I call to be woken
leave me not unshaken
of the world am I left
and left utterly broken



Yours Sincerely,


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