On Fear

This is one of my first works – the works of a beginner whose hands cannot paint what the heart demands. This is also a work which I deliberated for a while before posting, but thanks to my supportive friends who complimented and encouraged me, I have decided to share this with everyone.

I have a habit of adding a rhyming couplet at the end of each painting that my heart feels strongly for. Perhaps, my art is unable to fully express what my heart longs to speak and I come back to words again to supplement what is lacking. In art-making, my mind feels crippled, but in words, my mind finds freedom. Here goes:


Fear is a debilitating disease,
Like a monster extending its lease.

Fear seems to be the monster that we feed with our imaginations and thoughts. Many times, it doesn’t warrant that intensity which we so strongly feel. But in our moments of weakness, we allow it to nourish within our souls.

Sometimes, fear gets so crippling that we lose ourselves. Fear unleashes other monsters that consumes us from the inside.

Don’t feed the monsters.



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