The birth of our avenue of expression

Today is the day we finally sought to collate all the work we have done. Some of us like to find meaning in poetry, some in music and some through photographs.

In a Singapore that has been obsessed with economic growth and advancements in science and technology, people who meddle in the arts scene struggle to survive. We are barely succeeding in threading the waters. We are most probably closer to drowning.

I recently went to Yong Siak Street just last Saturday to visit the highly recommended and raved about hipster shops. Books Actually made a name for itself quite recently and I must say I was impressed and encouraged by their faith in local writers. I believe in Singapore’s talent, not just in the scientific and business arenas, but also in the arts scene.

We hope that we would never give up on our artistic endeavours and for those out there who are looking for healthy ways to express yourselves, I tell you, art is never the wrong method.





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